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Open Air Booths and New Features

So excited that tonight we are doing our first ever official open air photo booth rental at the Ogden Country Club. We set up the photo booth in the garage yesterday and had fun testing out different backdrops and seeing how each one photographed. Here were the sample sessions that we did.

open air booth utah gray backdropPINopen air booth utah gray backdropPINopen air booth utah purple backdropPINopen air booth utah gray backdropPIN


Here are a few new screens that you will notice on the photo booth. This first one is the new welcome screen, it used to be two cameras saying choose black and white or color, but now I’ve switched it so that guest can tap the touchscreen anywhere and it will begin the session creating less confusion 🙂

utah photo booth rental touchscreenPIN

Then I can designate one of the next two screens to pop up, giving the guest the visual choice between black and white strips or color strips or a triple choice throwing in sepia as an option as well.

utah photo booth rental touchscreenPINutah photo booth rental touchscreenPIN

Then at the end of the session it will ask if they would like to upload the session to Facebook, which is optional, if they accept, they simply log on, then it uploads the file and automatically logs them off.


Then finally as an upgrade, I can now enable this screen to pop up and give the guests the option to automatically print more copies which is awesome for larger groups. Ask about this awesome option and upgrade  for your next event.

utah photo booth rental touchscreenPIN